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The Mystery of the Grindlecat

    Illustrated by Claire Ewart

    Emmis Publishing

    Hardcover ISBN: 1-57860-142-8

    Paperback ISBN: 1-57860-141-X

The Story

"Everybody knew the Grindlecat was the scariest creature in the whole haunted house—everybody except the Grindlecat. But it was no secret that all the kids in the school wanted to see it, scary or not." When John, Hannah, and Emily brave the ghosts and goblins to reach the very last room of the haunted house, they see the Grindlecat. "It's fur was scraggly, its nose was black. Its eyes were fierce, its tooth was sharp!" But there's something familiar about that Grindlecat, and what the children decide to do next is both a Halloween trick AND treat.   With eye-popping illustrations by Claire Ewart, the story will appeal to pint-sized goblins everywhere.

The Story Behind the Story

The Mystery of the Grindlecat was commissioned by the Children’s Museum Guild and published in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of The Haunted House at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. After publication of the book, The Children's Museum decided to feature the character Valiska created each year in the last room of The Museum Guild's Haunted House.

Valiska and the Children’s Museum’s Grindlecat