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Kate’s Giants

    By Valiska Gregory

    Illustrated by Virginia Austin

    Candlewick Press and Walker Books Ltd.

    ISBN 0-56402-299-4

  1. Nominated—Tennessee State Book Award

  2. Nominated—Maryland State Book Award


“An enchanting read-aloud or lap book depicting a

situation familiar to most young children.”

School Library Journal

“Offering a zippy twist to a familiar theme, this inventive

story is just the ticket.”—Publishers Weekly

“A great format, lovely and simple pictures and a surprise

ending will make this a favorite for pre-schoolers.”

Children’s Book Review Service

Foreign Editions

  1. Danish: Felicia og Kaemperne (Carlsen/Mette Goptthardsen)

  2. German: Pauline bildet sich Riesen aus! (Aare/Deutsch von Rolf Inhauser)

  3. French: Les geants de Catou (Kaleidoscope)

  4. U.K. and Canada: Kate's Giants Walker Books, Ltd.