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The Mr. Poggle and Scamp Books

    By Valiska Gregory

    Illustrated by Jeni Bassett

    Macmillan/Four Winds Press

    Illustrated by Jeni Bassett

  1. Best Books of the Year List—Chicago Sun Times

  2. Best Children's books—Grandparent's Magazine

"Each of these gems is a Mr. Poggle and Scamp book and lucky is the reader who happens upon them."—Publishers Weekly

Terribly Wonderful

When Scamp wakes up with a throat as red as dragon's fire, Mr. Poggle knows just what to do. Soon Scamp is tucked up in bed and a terrible day has turned terribly wonderful.

Riddle Soup

Mr. Poggle's clever riddles keep Scamp guessing each new ingredient for the soup as they riddle and slice the vegetables into the pot. Together they prepare the most delicious—and interesting—Scamp has ever tasted. Click to download a copy of Mr. Poggle and Scamp’s Riddle Soup Recipe.

Sunny Side Up

Scamp expects his eggs to be sunny side up, but when the toast burns and the yellow runs into the white, he thinks all is lost until Mr. Poggle ends up serving him the best breakfast ever.

The Oatmeal Cookie Giant

Scamp doesn't want to visit Great Uncle Thorny, but when he discovers that Great Uncle Thorny has a clock that strikes thirteen and can tell wonderful stories, he ends up looking forward to his next visit.