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Do you like to read?

I LOVE to read!—to find out more click on For Kids.

Allison from California

Where do you live?

I live in the middle of the USA in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We loved your web page!!!! We can't wait to read more of your books. Mrs. Wolf's library students in West Fargo, ND

Dear Mrs. Wolf's library students:

I am so glad you're reading—it's a real adventure, isn't it? Love, Valiska

I love Shirlys Wonderful old are you? I am 7. Im almoust 8 in June 26th.  Plaese write me back   You are close to 55 am i right?     love Megan

I'm so glad you like Shirley's Wonderful Baby.  Fifty-five is a good guess, but it's not quite right. Click on For Kids for some questions that will help you guess my age.

How many eyes does a Cyclops have?

Good question. You can find out by reading a wonderful book called The Odyssey. In Greek mythology, the Cyclops were a race of huge one-eyed monsters, and in The Odyssey, the hero Odysseus and his men land on the Island of the Cyclops and walk into a large cave not knowing that the cave is the home of a fearsome cyclops named Polyphemus. If you like adventure stories, this is the book for you.  (And did you notice my clue about one-eyed monsters?)

Do you speak any other languages?

I can read some French and Latin which I studied in school, but unfortunately I don't speak any other languages. My relatives were born in Slovakia and Poland, but when I was growing up, they insisted that their children speak only English so we could "become Americans." On the other hand, when they didn't want us kids to understand what they were talking about, they spoke in Slovak or Polish, so we quickly learned how to understand Slovak and Polish even though we couldn't speak more than a few words of either language. My grandmother spoke only Slovak and I spoke only English, but we had wonderful conversations together.  To see a photo of my grandmother click on For Kids.

Thank you for coming to visit with us at East Elementary on Tuesday. We have a Benjamin in our class, too, and we really like your books! How long have you been writing? What was the title of your first published book? Sincerely, Miss Marsh's first grade class

I enjoyed meeting you, too, first graders!  I've been writing ever since kindergarten, but my first published book for children was Sunny Side Up.

Your books are so cool i wish i was you.

Thanks. But if you were me and I were you, our families might get very confused.

thank you for comming to van buren i was the one with my hair up and the aerapostle sweet shirt on. do you like making books?

Yes, I love making books.

How many books have you written?

I have written over a dozen books for children and one for grown ups. Click on Books and see if you can count them.

Thank you Valiska for coming to our school on Friday. Thanks for being part of our Young Author Day. People really liked you. I like the pictures you arranged for us. That was really neat. Thanks again. Abby Hershey Elee, Lafayette, IN

Thanks for inviting me—I love speaking to readers of all ages.

What is your FAVORITE book that you have wrote? Mine from you is "The Grindle Cat."

I'm so glad you like The Mystery of the Grindlecat. (Click on the title to see a picture of me with the Grindlecat herself.) You've asked a good question, but I'm afraid I don't have a good answer. I must admit that the book I like best is the one I haven't written yet.

What all books have you wrote?

Please click on Books to find out. See if you can find these books at the library, and then (here's the best part) have fun reading them.

I am 9 years old and I already type books. How old were you when you started typing?

Good for you! I didn't learn how to type until I was in high school, but I started writing books with a pencil as soon as I learned how to read.

What are some of your most famous books?

That's hard to say, because it depends on what you mean by famous, and fame is a tricky sort of thing. If I have a new book published, that's usually the one that I'm asked to autograph the most. On the other hand, I've found that people I meet have different favorites no matter how long ago the book was published.

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